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Terms & Conditions of Sale

I - Booking and Payment Conditions


1. Online Booking & Payment

When booking online, a confirmation email detailing your flight will be sent to you.

Payment is made via a payment link.

Full payment must be made to confirm the reservation, and no later than 24 hours before the flight.

2. Ticket Use

During boarding, all tickets (including electronic tickets) must be presented with an ID for all passengers on the flight.


II - Delays and Cancellations by the Airline

1. General Information

The airline will take all necessary measures to transport the passenger and their luggage without delay and without prejudice. The airline may propose to transport the passenger on another aircraft or with another chartered airline.

2. Flight Cancellation

The airline reserves the right to cancel a flight due to:

  • Weather conditions

  • Technical issues related to the helicopter

In these cases, the airline will refund the full amount of the flight. If passengers are more than 45 minutes late (excluding special cases and aircraft delays), the airline reserves the right to refuse refunds.

3. Compensation

No financial compensation will be granted to passengers in case of cancellation due to weather conditions, technical incidents, or force majeure, except for the flight refund. No financial compensation will be granted by the airline for delays in flight connections.


III - Delays and Cancellations by the Customer

1. General Information

The customer must arrive on time at the boarding site specified in their flight confirmation or at the agreed meeting point if a valet service is arranged before transfer.


2. Flight Cancellation by the Customer

In case of flight cancellation by the customer within 24 hours before the scheduled departure, a penalty of 10% of the flight amount will be applied.


IV - Refund

To obtain a refund for your ticket, in accordance with the conditions detailed above, you can send your refund request to our accounting department by email at: The refund will be based on the ticket price including all taxes paid.

V. Tickets & General Transport Conditions

1. General Provisions

The ticket serves as a contract between the airline and the ticket holder. The transport service is provided only to passengers named on the ticket. The airline will perform document verification for all passengers. 

Passengers benefiting from a fare subject to special conditions must be able to present the elements justifying the allocation of this fare. Otherwise, a fare adjustment corresponding to the difference between the initially paid fare and the normal fare will be applied.

2. Refusal and Limitations to Transport

The airline may refuse to transport the passenger and their luggage if one of the following cases occurs or is likely to occur:

  • The passenger refuses to undergo security checks and/or does not have their travel document and ID card.

  • The passenger's behavior poses a threat to safety, order on board, or is abusive towards other passengers or staff.

  • The passenger's physical or mental state, including a state caused by alcohol, drugs, or medication, could present a danger to themselves, other passengers, the crew, or property.

VI. Baggage


1. Restrictions

Due to the limited cargo space in helicopters, the number of baggage items on board is limited. We emphasize the importance of the information provided at the time of booking (exact number and size of cabin and checked baggage)

If this information is not respected, certain baggage may be refused on board. The passenger declares to have full knowledge of the contents of each of their bags and confirms that they do not contain any dangerous objects listed below.


2. Objects not allowed

The passenger must not include in their baggage any object whose carriage is prohibited or restricted by applicable regulations, in particular:

  • Explosives, gases under pressure, oxidizing, radioactive or magnetized substances, flammable, toxic, infectious or corrosive substances.

  • Firearms and ammunition other than those intended for hunting or sport, which must be unloaded, properly packaged, with the safety engaged and inaccessible to passengers during the flight.

  • Cutting weapons, thrusting weapons, aerosols that can be used as weapons of attack or defense. These items cannot be carried in the cabin, but may be included in checked baggage, subject to acceptance by the company.

  • Lithium cells or batteries with an energy exceeding 160 Wh and/or containing more than 2 grams of lithium. Lithium and/or fuel cells/batteries integrated into an electronic device (computer, telephone, camera, etc.) or medical device should preferably be transported in the cabin.


3. Right to refuse the carriage of baggage

The airline may refuse to transport baggage containing the items listed above or if the baggage does not comply with the number and size indicated when booking. The company may also refuse to transport baggage for which the passenger has refused to pay the additional fare. Finally, the transport of pets traveling with the passenger is subject to the specific regulations of the company.

Dangerous Goods

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