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Helicopter discovery flights

Experience a unique feeling: flying!

At GreenBees helico, thanks to our experienced instructors, you can now enjoy flying lessons during an initiation flight. You will fly in dual controls above the most prestigious hotspots of the French Riviera, the famous Croisette of Cannes, the Esterel and the bay of Saint-Tropez.

The sky is yours...

Learn how to fly a helicopter from age 11

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Discovery flights Rates

One-on-one with your instructor with the Robinson R22 (2 seats) or with friends and family in the Robinson R44 (4 seats), adapt your flight to your desires.

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Fly over the Saint Cassien Lake

The best gift on Earth... is not on Earth!

Indulge in a helicopter initiation flight. Flying a helicopter is definitely an original way to celebrate your greatness!

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Helicopter photoshoot

For more than 25 years, we have been working with the greatest aerial photographers, particularly in the areas of magazine reporting, television, film and advertising production companies, sports reporting, nautical brochures.
Hop onboard our R44 or Écureuil AS350B2 helicopters to take your most beautiful shots.

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