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Vol Helico lac saint cassien


The EASA private helicopter pilot license gives you the privilege of flying in France and Europe.This incredible freedom allows you to transport your family and friends in a non-commercial, leisure setting. Enjoy the thrill of the third dimension!

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Helicopter training breakdown



Preparation courses for the PPLH theoretical exam are to be undertaken via online courses.

You will benefit from an access to an E-learning platform to pass your theoretical exam.

It consists of the following 9 tests: Aeronautical Regulations, Human Performance, Meteorology, Communication, Navigation, Principles of Flight, Operational Procedures, Performance and Flight Preparation, General Aircraft Knowledge. The exam lasts 3 hours and 30 minutes and consists of 128 multiple-choice questionnaire.


The test is in the form of multiple choice questions for which a success rate of 75% is required. and GreenBees offers private lessons when needed.



Flying a helicopter and hovering a helicopter is a feat. Yet after a few hours of humility and concentration, you will feel a unique feeling of satisfaction and excitement. 
Once acquired, flying a helicopter is like cycling a bicycle, it’s for life…


We do not recommended to fly more than twice a day, and more than 3 times a week at the start of your training.

  • 35 hours of flight in dual controls with instructor.

  • 10 hours of solo flight including navigations including one of 100 NM (185km) with 2 landings on 2 different airfields 

  • Practical Test 1h30


If you already hold a PPLA aircraft pilot license with 60 hours of pilot-in-command (PIC), training is reduced to 39 hours of flight time.

Type Rating

Each helicopter has its specificities. When you acquire your pilot license, you have at least one type rating. To progress and fly on other types, you must pass additional type ratings, generally 5 hours of flight, which will then be added to your license.  At GreenBees we offer R22, R44 and AS350 B2 qualifications.

Theory 10h | Practice 5h | Flight test 1 hour

General knowledge of the aircraft

Limitations & Performance

Flight preparation & Emergency procedures

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