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Welcome to the Hive !

At GreenBees Helico, our passion meet our missions in the following pillars :

  • Pleasure of flying

  • Pass on our knowledge

  • Flight safety

Those are at the heart of our profession. Founded on these principles, our school is committed and proud to train the next generation of helicopter pilots: private, professional and instructors. We wish to offer a taylor-made program which combines the discovery of flying, the mastery of theoretical and practical knowledge, the essentials on safety (ground and in flight) and sharing our instructors' precious experience.

Experience cannot be shared like a gift, it must be assimilated by future pilots day after day, hour after hour, errors after errors so that they ultimately make it their own.

Our team of qualified and experienced professionals are here to provide training in line with the industry and the rigorous requirements of local and European authorities. Whether you are a beginner aspiring to become a pilot or qualified but wishing to perfect your skills, our training program is made for you.

GreenBees Helico facilities are located feets away from the Cannes Mandelieu runways, with direct access to the tarmac and our helicopters.

Our school offers an unparalleled immersive experience. Students have the opportunity to participate in real flights, exploring varied maritime and mountainous landscapes, training to build skills necessary for their future job. Cannes is also a place to meet the main players in the local helicopter scene: Heli Air Monaco, Blade, Saf, etc.

Joining us at GreenBees Helico means playing an active part in the world of helicopters and Evtol, resolutely focused on the future of our wonderful profession.

Your journey begins here, the sky is yours.

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