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The Commercial Helicopter Pilot License (CPL-H) allows its holder to work as a pilot. It enables him to undertake various missions such as:


  • Public transport (passenger transport, HEMS, offshore transport)

  • Aerial work (aerial photography/videography, sling load operations, agricultural spraying, pipeline surveillance, firefighting, EDF power line inspections)

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Modular CPL-H

Training for the job to become a professional helicopter pilot at your own pace...

For more than 20 years specializing in initial training (PPLH, CPLH) and flight instructors (FIH), our teams are entirely dedicated to the training of both novice and experienced pilots. The training is carried out on Robinson R22, R44 and AS350.

GreenBees Helico helps you jump start your career with tailor-made plans depending on your experience to obtain your CPLH license.

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The different phases of your training

CPLH entry requirements

Be over 18 years old

Hold your theoretical CPL-H or ATPL-H certificate

You have completed the theoretical and practical evaluations to comply with the entry requirements 

Hold a valid Part-FCL class 1 medical certificate

You have completed 155h of helicopter flight time, including 50h as PIC with at least 10h of cross-country flying

Helicopter training content

You will have acquired 185 hours of flight time at the end of your training

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