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aéroport de courchevel

Perfect your flying

Helicopter pilot training never stops, it is a never-ending learning process so that the experience of flying remains a controlled yet enjoyable experience.

Our instructors will always be at your disposal to offer plans adapted to your needs

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Perfect your pilot skills


“I wasn't very comfortable with autorotation and wanted to improve my skills in an engline failure type of situation.

At GreenBees, my instructor reassured me by showing me complete autorotation procedures. I now have the keys to good reflexes."

Circle-to-land maneuver

"In Cannes I always learned to land with a low descent rate in a standard approach procedure (Final 17) and the faster alternative (Final O4) was uncomfortable for me due to the tight turn just before landing with a high descent rate with circling to lanc. Training for this specific landing with an instructor allowed me to be much more comfortable with this type of approach"

Precision approach

“Landing in a drop zone (DZ) with your instructor is one thing, but when it comes to bringing friends, emulation can sometimes add stress.
At GreenBees, my instructor put me in difficult situations in flight in order to better understand these situations on my own”
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